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PHchefswear is back again with one of our most selling items – “Cargo Trouser.” We have launched this product for quite a long time but we wanted to make sure about its quality & feedback. You will be glad to know that we have received remarkable feedbacks about the great quality of this item.

Combat Cargo Trousers
Combat Cargo Trousers

We will talk & know everything about the Cargo trouser & what we are offering with it. So, let’s get started.

What is Cargo trouser:

Trousers that contain large pockets & used for heavy works or rough work environments are called – cargo pants/trousers.

PHchefswear knows the necessity & purpose of the Cargo trousers & that’s why we have made this trouser suitable for any kinds of heavy works. You can work in any environment while wearing these cargo pants.

The theory of Cargo Trouser:

The first theory of the Cargo trouser came in 1938 when the British Armed Forces wore it. The cargo trouser was addressed as a battle dress which was worn by the United State soldiers in 1940 too. The features of the large pockets were very popular because of the carrying facilities of dressings, ammunitions, maps & other necessary things.

We also have the Large Pockets features with the cargo trousers so that you can carry your necessary items & work-related tools.

Features of PHchefswear’s Cargo Trousers & why should you shop with us:

  • Materials: As you already know, PHchefswear always uses the best materials for making quality clothes. The most highlighted characteristic of PHchefswear is its quality control ability. We understand that if our products are not made of quality materials, it will not be beneficial for the honorable customers. That’s why we have received great positive feedback about the Cargo Trouser’s quality from you guys. All of our work wears & clothes are made of the best quality materials
  • Fabric Type: Canvas is the main fabric of our cargo trousers. As you know, Canvas made clothes are long-lasting, firm & known as great outdoor fabric. You can easily do the heavy-duty works by wearing our canvas-made cargo pants.
  • Comfortable: Normally, Cargopants are used to do heavy works or in rough environments. So, we have made these trousers suitable for you so that you can work comfortably while wearing them.
  • Fashionable: Our Work Cargo Trousers are one of the most fashionable items in our catalog. It will surely give you a professional look. You can see the pictures to be sure that I am not Exaggerating.
  • Pockets: The main feature of any cargo trouser is its pockets. PHchefswear knows it & that’s why we are offering you 6 Large Pockets with 2 pen/sub Pockets. Let’s see these features in details:

    01. 2 Side Cargo Pockets with Touch and Close Flaps. 
    02. 2 Rear Pockets with Touch and Close Flaps. 
    03. 2 Standard Deep Pockets on Sides. 
    04. 2 Pen pockets on Each Side.
  • Waist Sizes: We are offering you 7 sizes of Cargo trousers. You can choose any of these sized items: Waist Size- 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42.
  • Length & Short Cargo trouser: We have Length 29″ Short, Length 31″ Regular, sized variations. If you prefer, you can also order short ones as they will look great on you as outdoor shorts.
  • Color Varieties: We are presting you stylish-looking Black, Navy Blue, Khaki, & Dark Ash colored Cargo trousers. They will surely give you a professional look.

  • Price: We are offering these stylish Cargo trousers at a very cheap price. We know it’s not wise to sell items at a high price now. If the price of the trousers is high, then everyone might not afford them in this Covid situation. That’s why the prices are reasonable & cheap here. So, don’t worry about the price. All of their products of PHchefswear are available within the normal price range. 
  • Free Shipping: We are offering a free delivery service for this item within the UK. So, you don’t have to bear the extra cost for the postage.
  • Fast-delivery: Everyone wants to get any item as soon as possible, right? That’s why we are ensuring fast delivery not only for this item but also for all of our items. Enjoy the fast delivery services of PHchefswear. 
Combat Cargo Trousers
Professional Black Cargo Trousers

Let’s see some other premium features of our Cargo trousers:

  • Premium Zip: Premium Zip: Fly-YKK.
  • Waist Belt: Twin Wide Belt Loops Reinforced for Extra Strength.
  • Belt Loops: Button Fastening Waist Belt.
  • Care Instruction: Machine Washable to a High Wash of 85 Degrees  

PHchefswear always provides quality & stylish items for you & Work Cargo Trousers are one of the best products we have produced so far. We hope that you will be benefited from this item in your heavy-duty works. We will continue to bring such quality and beautiful items. That’s all for now. Take care & be safe.

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